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Unique advantages

With PIREL, you are sure to get unequaled personalized service. We evolve along with our customers and firmly believe that our success is mostly due to the trust and the relationships we develop with them, our comprehension of their business needs and our expertise to develop innovative and secure solutions to meet these needs.


PIREL solutions offer unique benefits




Powerful and Robust

One of our biggest strength is our ability to adapt to the specific needs of our customers at an affordable price. Our solutions are supple and integrate easily with existing architectures.
Our solutions allow the management of millions of pages in an extremely efficient manner that translates in seconds only.

Web compliant


Well integrated tools

With the SisaltoTM software suite, you get true full-featured web access. Full-featured access means that the same functionalities of a Windows client application is now available from any workstation using only a standard web browser: Absolutely no installation of software on the desktop is necessary, thus simplifying system administration, since applications do not need to be individually installed and maintained. The PIREL Web-DocFinder features a clean, easy to use, intuitive interface that allows for several concurrent search conditions.

The SisaltoTM software solution, along with the PIREL Composition module, can intercept and process data from practically any system – data streams from a mainframe, XML, and ERP systems are just a few examples. Thus, if you are using legacy systems, this “universal connector“ allows you to benefit from up to date content management tools, without investing a substantial amount of time and money in costly software and hardware upgrades to your entire IT infrastructure. The result is a more streamlined and modernized document management process.

Flexible financing


Different hosting options

Each company has its own reality and its budget to manage. In order to meet the different needs of our clientele, we are equally flexible when it comes to financing our solutions.

We offer 3 alternatives, the traditional purchase (a fixed amount paid once for a lifelong right of usage, a long term lease or a fixed cost per page or processed file.

Many customers hesitate to invest a large sum of money before a solution is put in production. This last option, unique to PIREL, allows company to match costs with savings.


Three possibilities are offered in regards to hosting PIREL’s SisaltoTM solution, the traditional option, where the customers host the solution on their own equipment, the hybrid solution, where customers host the solution on PIREL equipment, or the « turnkey solution ».

With this last option, PIREL takes charge of the entire project. The solution is installed on PIREL equipment and hosted at their secured hosting site, giving the customer complete peace of mind.

PIREL installs everything it sells    
Some companies will use value-added resellers (VAR) to install their proposed solutions. With PIREL, you get a "one stop shop". Our team installs all the software and applications required for our solution.