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The PIREL story



PIREL entered the document management market eighteen years ago with a simple but original idea for economically printing business forms. With intelligent printers equipped with PC technology, PIREL could offer high-end printing capabilities - at a fraction of the cost of the software from elite companies like Xerox and IBM.

PIREL was founded in the early 90’s and thus grew up with the Internet. As a young company, we evolved with networks and security issues. When the business world embraced the potential of the Internet, PIREL was ready. Our software was never hampered with the baggage of older mainframe technologies. It was built from the ground up, on an n-tier, client-server model using open standards that lead to easy scalability and integration with a wide range of data sources and systems.

Since our inception, we have developed, along with the help of our longlasting customers, secure, robust, and scalable enterprise content management (ECM) applications. The PIREL Suite is used to scan, automatically or semi automatically index, consolidate, publish, distribute, print if needed and archive electronic data from business applications and legacy systems. Security of data is insured with tools for managing user accounts, passwords, and document access. A true webbased interface, a hallmark of our software, means that absolutely no installation at individual workstations is necessary.


In 2001, PIREL aroused the interest of Wesfield, a large scale American insurance company. They indeed saw the potential of our company and proceeded to its purchase.

In 2004, wanting to bring back control of the operations in Quebec, one of its founder, Mr. Denis Pigeon, bought all PIREL shares and became the soul owner and its acting president. In doing so, Mr. Pigeon brought back a new energy to the company.

In the last years, PIREL completed a comprehensive development
initiative. The result of this work is the PIREL suite, which is ideal for managing documents over a corporate network and the Internet.

Today, our SisaltoTM software suite conforms to international banking security standards and is used by some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

With our understanding of the ECM market, a modern product line and our commitment to exceptional customer service, we at PIREL, along with our partners and a loyal customer base, are ready for the future.