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Core values



At PIREL, we are guided by values that are essential to us. These values define who we are, what we do, the manner in which we do it and what we, as a company, aspire to in our daily actions. We strive to apply these values in the relationships we develop with our customers and the solutions we provide, as well as with our partners and our colleagues.

We deliver quality solutions

At PIREL we aim for excellence. Our goal is to deliver and implement solutions that will improve business processes and ensure a quick return on investment for our customers, and provide quality service at all time.

Customer satisfaction is a priority

We are dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. We listen to the business needs of our customers and aim to surpass their expectations by delivering quality solutions at an affordable price. Not only do we rely on our ECM expertise, we rely on unequaled personalised service.

A distinctive element of the service offered by PIREL is the assignment of a resource to each customer. This person is responsible to follow up on all service calls. Our team makes a point of always answering customer calls and to call back in the briefest delay. At PIREL, the customer remains our first priority.

Our success rests on innovation and cutting edge technologies

Being compliant with industry standards and immerging technologies is a fundamental value for PIREL. We firmly believe in research and development to support this effort. Our active participation in sector specific associations allows us to better comprehend different market trends. It also allows us to conduct a vigil on cutting edge technologies to ensure that our product continues to provide our customers with the best return possible.

We act with integrity and respect

We treat our customers, our partners and our employees with the respect they deserve and are accountable for all our actions.