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A word from our President



Businesses today face a fundamental challenge – managing an enormous amount of information. The amount of information to be managed is ever increasing, and at the same time creates a greater expectation of quick electronic access to data in all forms.

This flood of information and the development of global networks have created unprecedented pressures on businesses. To meet the challenge and to remain competitive in this world of information technology, more and more businesses are investing in software that will help them manage enterprise documents and improve their business processes.

In the current business context, document management systems are required to be secure, scalable, and easily integrated. Integration issues are of particular concern, as most businesses use a mixture of heterogeneous hardware and software systems. Moreover, enterprises are increasingly turning towards vendors who can offer a comprehensive document management package that includes features such as archiving, multiple source data capture, publishing, multiple format distribution capabilities, and a true web-based interface.

In the early 90’s, much of the software available was originally designed in an older IT environment, frequently from a systems or mainframe perspective. Additionally, the software was conceived before the Internet and consequently, often lacked in scope or capability. The result today is a lack of integration from one solution to the next, since additional pieces are tacked on to already existing older architectures.


Denis Pigeon
President & Founder

PIREL is different. We made the right choices at the right time, and these propelled us into the still explosive ECM market. As a young company in 1994, we grew up with networks, the Internet, and security issues. We designed the PIREL Sisalto™ Software Suite on an h-tier, client-server model using open standards and state of the art technologies that lead to easy scalability and integration with other systems. We recognized early on that document management software needs to offer a web-based interface, and accordingly, we built this into the design from the ground up. Consequently, our Sisalto software solution is not a fragmented collection of different components forced to work together, but rather an integrated document management package that maintains complete document integrity and provides an easy to use intuitive web-based interface.

Since 1994, PIREL has been developing quality document management solutions for businesses in diverse industries – the financial, insurance, and educational sectors to name a few. We believe in maintaining long-standing business relationships, and proof of our success is our established customer base, which includes, among others, several of the top banks in North America. Since our inception, we have been developing and evolving along with our customers to produce real solutions in response to their business needs.

At PIREL, we focus on what we do best: we produce high-calibre, web-accessible, secure, scalable, robust and easily integrated software solutions that provide our customers with a fast return on investment.