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Flexible financing

PIREL offers different financing options, a unique and innovative advantage

Fixed price per page or per processed file



With this type of financing, companies pay according to the quantity of pages managed by PIREL or the number of files that are processed, such as accounts payable (fixed cost per processed invoice, including other documents such as purchase vouchers, checks,etc.), personnel files, mortgage files, etc.

This option does not require an important investment from the customer, as they pay according to the use, which allows them to match costs with the savings thay actualy make.


Leasing of the solution

PIREL offers a long term leasing agreement for the right to use the solution.

Traditional purchase


It is also possible to pay a fixed amount for the illimited right of use of the installed solution. Contrary to other suppliers, PIREL does not charge a fee per user, which can save a considerable amount of money for an organization that has thousands of users.