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PIREL’s Sisalto software suite offers a complete set of enterprise content management tools that allow you to automatically or semi automatically index and archive all your company documents such as invoices, statements, bills, reports and much more in an Oracle database or in an other database if the customer so requires.


Our solution is endowed with functions conceived to capture all types of documents (paper or electronic) and store them in a «secure electronic vault». You can manage business processes associated to these documents, quickly search and find, view or print documents as needed. The integrated web interface provides a quick and easy access to documents.


Architecture of Sisalto software


Our Sisalto solution is built on an n-tier client-server model that separates user interface, business logic, and database tiers. This distributed model allows the application to evolve to meet new requirements.


Changes to one component – the user interface is updated, the business logic needs to be modified, and so on – do not affect the other components, since tiers are largely independent. Additionally, unlimited scaling is simple, since components are added as needed.


Sisalto software modules


The modular design of the PIREL suite makes scaling easy. You can install what you need now, and add modules to increase the functionality of the server as your requirements evolve.



Sisalto software core modules


PIREL’s Sisalto core module allows business documents such as invoices, bills, reports, and so forth to be indexed and archived in an Oracle database. Access over a corporate network is made easy with the Sisalto eViewer.

A complete set of system administration tools are packaged with the core module. These tools are used to manage user profiles, create security policies, control access to documents, view server logs, and define other configuration settings for the server. The module allows for an unlimited number of PIREL eViewer user licenses at no additional cost.




Optional modules:


• Composition

The PIREL Sisalto Composition module is an enterprise personalization software solution for total personalized communications needs. PIREL’s design and workflow module is flexible enough to produce any fully personalized document—from simple customer correspondence to complex statements—for delivery through the preferred print and electronic channels. It easily integrates with existing enterprise environments through its comprehensive connector technology and open architecture. A version of this module is also available for printers.


• Distribution management

PIREL Sisalto Distribution Manager module automates the distribution of documents to employees, customers, and business partners. With this module, workflow within the enterprise can be greatly improved by directing documents to a printer, a workstation via email, a third party application or even an approval process that may contain several validation steps.

• Imaging

The PIREL Sisalto Imaging module allows your enterprise to scan, index automatically or semi automatically, and archive paper documents or any variety of standard image formats for permanent and secure electronic storage. Any image imported into PIREL Sisalto can be converted into a searchable text rendition (optical character recognition) and then indexed. The module's architecture is remarkably flexible and can be integrated with the standard scanning platforms currently on the market.

• e-Signature

PIREL Sisalto e-Signature module allows electronic documents such as bills of lading or invoices to be signed and archived in the database. With this tool, the enterprise can easily and rapidly provide customers or other business divisions with signed documents of confirmation or authorization.


PIREL’s Sisalto software suite will allow you to:

  • Index and electronically archive business documents of all kinds
  • Make paper documents available over the company network in a customizable, attractive, and secure format
  • Enable fast access to company information with searching tools for documents using key words
  • Stop printing everything - but the exact page or section you really need