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PIREL is associated with companies that are leaders in their field and whose products define the standards in their respective industries. Our partners play a key role by helping us develop cutting edge, quality solutions that provide our customers with tangible results and a fast return on investment.
Our software use tested and proven products that enhance the value of our enterprise content management solutions.





Adobe tools and services enable customers to create groundbreaking digital content, deploy it across media and devices, and then continually measure and optimize it based on user data. PDF files are a worldwide standard. The PIREL solution uses Adobe Reader to view documents.



A team of 31,000 professionals accross 125 offices worldwide provide complete IT and business process management services. CGI professionals use PIREL products to offer enterprise content management to some of their customers.


Cologix provides colocation & interconnection services that can be trusted and are backed by local, dedicated teams. PIREL solutions are hosted at Cologix secured sites.



Crawford Technologies is an award-winning, global provider of high-value solutions for high-volume documents. We have helped over 1,800 organizations around the world reduce their costs, simplify their processes, and streamline mission-critical customer and transactional communications across all channels and formats.



Filogiciel integrates the complete business process management suite of AXON IVY. The modules that make up this solution cover all business process management capabilities from design to process control, as well as their implementation and integration in the organization and management systems already in place. The steady evolution of the information system associated with specific functional requirements of each organization frequently leads to a heterogeneous environment. AXON IVY represents a net added value in the integration of these systems thanks to its multiple interfacing possibilities.



IBM is one of Canada’s largest IT services and consultation companies. In today’s world network, IBM maintains a solid and unique presence.



Kofax is a leading provider of capture enabled business process management solutions. Kofax solutions provide a rapid return on investment by automating information intensive processes and by managing the capture of information in a more accurate, timely and cost effective manner. PIREL uses Kofax software for their solutions that include imaging and optical character recognition (OCR).


Since 2009, Kolotek, offers to his many customers and partners, a certified TIER III hosting room to secure their equipment. PIREL chose Kolotek for the quality of its services and outstanding service.


Worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. PIREL installs Windows NT server on all their servers.


Worldwide renowned, Oracle offers a wide range of professional optimized software and material systems that are completely integrated and help companies innovate and resolve complexe problems. PIREL solutions are developed on an Oracle database.