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What we do


With the pressures exerted by the competition, increasing demands expressed by employees and partners, as well as the necessity to cut costs, many organizations are forced to rethink how they deal with company content and how they give access to that content.

In this regard, enterprise content management (ECM) software provides obvious benefits: reduced document production costs, easier and larger access to information and increased data integrity.

Organizations are indeed thinking of investing in document management software, but are uncertain of the return on this investment and of the strategy they should adopt.


In answer to these concerns, PIREL has renewed its commitment to listen to our customers and to understand their specific business needs and requirements, to help them get as much value possible out of our solutions.

PIREL technologies exploit the value of your company data to generate electronic documents, create reports and improve the security of your information.

Allying a web-enabled document repository that includes a complete and robust set of document management tools, PIREL’s SisaltoTM software suite offers a modular solution that is very profitable for enterprise content management and integration.


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