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Report Management


Financial institutions and businesses of all kinds produce an enormous number of statements and reports that need to be distributed to branches in a timely manner. With thousands of documents produced each business day, the distribution of reports can be a time consuming and costly endeavor.

The report management module (previously called COLD- Computer Output to Laser Disk or IDARS-Integrated Document Archive and Retrieval System by Gartner) is the ideal solution to manage the storage of reports, statements, bills, invoices or any documents that originate from client applications. By storing the information on non-expensive electronic media, this module dramatically reduces or altogether eliminates the need to keep and store printed reports.


COLD document management is one of the technologies that provides the surest and quickest return on investment. COLD allows companies to save money by cutting printing and storage costs, all while improving personal efficiency by rationalizing document filing and storage requirements.

The PIREL solution allows your office and branch employees, which may be scattered across the country, to consult the reports via the internet or the company network. Complete security functions give the company the flexibility to control document access. The electronic presentation solution can completely eliminate the need to print large volumes of documents and the need to resort to messenger services.


  • Dramatically reduces printing and eliminates the need to resort to messaging services
  • Substantial paper-related savings
  • Much improved communications by allowing the employees quick and easy access to information via a user-friendly web application.
  • Transparent integration with existing technologies
  • Evolutionary solution


Electronic Forms


It is imperative that online documents be an exact replica of official printed documents. For example, if a number in a bank report is printed in the wrong column, the legal implications and responsibilities are considerable.

PIREL addresses these concerns by using the best POSTScript programing to store the documents in PDF format that provides authentic information, graphics and logos. When posting online documents, the PDF format ensures an exact WYSIWYG duplicate of each report, including the legal text found at the back of printed documents.

The composition module offered in PIREL’s SisaltoTM software suite provides all the features needed to create and publish seamless electronic documents of all kinds. Data, from an enterprise or departmental application, is captured and indexed and a PDF document is generated.


The module provides powerful functionality for archiving, retrieving, and distributing documents. This tool gives complete control on the visual aspect your documents will have.

Moreover, because of our customizable index extraction process, when you use our exclusive Composition Engine in conjunction with the Sisalto solution, security is ensured by controlling access to documents and even individual pages with uniquely defined “document views”.

As well, the PIREL Composition engine generates significantly smaller PDF files, resulting in a much more efficient usage of disk space and no network degradation.


  • Personalized, laser printed documents, with a professional appearance
  • Easy and quick access via the internet or a company network
  • Optimized PDF format, allowing the use of significantly smaller files that will not hamper the network
  • Easy installation
  • Profitable solution that ensures a quick return on investment
  • Full security provided by measures such as password encryption, user authentication and session protection
Examples of Forms produced with our Composition Module:
    • Check
• Bank Statement
• Payroll Statement



• Automobile insurance
• Residential insurance
• Travel insurance certificate
• Tax form
• T4 slip (tax)
    • Bill of lading
• Invoice




One of the biggest advantages of an electronic document is its ability to transmit information more rapidly and with more communication impact than conventional mail. Not only does it improve service, it can also dramatically reduce report processing costs by eliminating printing, sending the reports by mail, distribution, physical storage and the associated handling labor.

The distribution module automates the distribution of documents to employees, customers, and business partners. With this module, workflow within the enterprise can be greatly improved by directing documents to a printer, a workstation via email or even a third party application.


Automating your processes gives you a unique opportunity to clarify, rationalize and control your internal procedures.

For example, to validate an invoice before processing the payment, the paper document is scanned so that it circulates more rapidly. Each participant intervenes to process, control and validate the document, eliminating useless photocopies, loss of the document or blocked processes. Each step is supervised, each participant is alerted if there are delays, and information circulates in a quicker way for more efficient decision making


  • Simplification of procedures
  • Significant time gain
  • Invoice processing time is shortened and optimized
  • Productivity increase
  • A total availability of the information, anytime, anywhere, which allows you to react promptly


Intelligent printing


Today, despite available document management solutions, many customers still insist on receiving printed copies of their statements and invoices. With our composition module and the WebDocFinder application, companies now have the flexibility to print documents on an “as needed” basis, on local laser printers instead of large expensive mainframe printers.

Contrary to our competitors more costly solutions, PIREL offers companies an innovative solution that automates high end printing at an affordable price.


The design of a standard or personalized form is translated in Adobe PostScript processing language and in PDF format to maintain a high quality cohesive aspect and authentication. Contrary to html, PDF offers cohesive printing capabilities that can be read by any web navigator and produce quality printed documents


  • Because documents do not need to be manually processed, administrative processes are improved
  • Easier and quicker access to customer-related information
  • Document appearance is more modern and professional, thus improving company image
  • Being able to archive documents instead of printing them leads to paper and print related cost reduction
  • Eliminates the need for physical storage, as well as the management of preprinted forms.




Digital Imaging/scanning solutions


Digital imaging consists of capturing documents, such as contracts, loan request and email at their source (paper) and creating electronic images by scanning.

PIREL’S digital imaging module allows your company to scan, index, archive printed documents or a variety of standard images for permanent and secure electronic storage.


Every image imported in PIREL’s SisaltoTM software suite can be converted in searchable text with optical character recognition (OCR).

The module’s architecture is remarkably supple and can be easily integrated with standard scanning platforms currently available on the market.




Documents are created and used for different purposes. The archiving module allows companies to define the criteria by which SisaltoTM maintains or permanently deletes a document.

These criteria can be as simple as specifying a time period for the retention of a document or can necessitate complex user and approval interventions before a document can be eligible for deletion.

The module also allows the automatic deletion of « qualified » documents that have exceeded their retention period.